Semiconductor Wet Bench Equipment

Semiconductor Wet Bench Equipment is wafer processing equipment is usually a wet process tool used in acid or solvent wafer processing including cleaning and etching in semiconductor manufacturing or other high technology industries. 

MEI Wet Bench Wafer Processing Equipment

MEI Wet Processing is affordable, high-quality semiconductor and batch immersion process tools that perform safely and reliably in wet processing settings. Wet Benches can include options like megasonic and ultrasonic tanks and baths, custom robots, materials choices, venting options, ergonomic and safety features and more.

Each MEI wet bench system is designed & tailored to our customer's wafer processing needs whether you are in the semiconductor, MEMs, solar or any other high technology industry. Let us apply our extensive experience in providing equipment suited to your needs.

Our specialized wet bench, wet process systems are installed in semiconductor, medical and solar fabs worldwide.

Wet Bench Processing Systems

MEI has extensive experience in wafer processing

Available Batch Immersion Wet Benches

Evolution High-Throughput, Dry-to-Dry
Fully Automated Wet Bench

Revolution Semi-Auto,
Multi-Step Wet Bench

The Evolution is a full-auto linear wet bench. With its modular design is highly configurable and able to accommodate any specified process sequence, in fact, multiple sequences. As a batch immersion wet process system, the Evolution main feature is high yield, while maintaining a low cost of operation. The full-auto design features dry-to-dry processing with multiple, simultaneous lot batch processing capabilities for wafer sizes ranging from 100mm to 300mm, within its own controlled environment.

Wet Bench - Evolution, Full-Auto Wet Processing Wet Bench

Revolution Semi-Auto, Multi-Step Wet BenchThe Revolution System is a highly configurable multi-step wet bench. It can be configured for either semi-auto or full-auto applications. The Revolution platform offers up to 5 processing tanks located around its central rotary robot. For many complex applications, it is the most ideal, low-cost solution for processes that require a multistep sequence.

Advancer Gemini Dual-Process,
Single-Step Immersion Wet Bench

Advancer Classic Single-Step,
Semi-Auto Wet Bench

Wet Bench - Advancer Gemini Dual Process Wet BenchMEI's Advancer Gemini Wet Bench is a dual-process, dual-robot system. It is one of the most cost-effective platforms available. The Advancer Gemini dual processing takes advantage of sharing not only the IDX Flexware Control system but the required facilities as well. While doubling the processing capacity within a reduced overall footprint, the Advancer Gemini provides twice the attractive features for a relatively low cost. Wet Bench - Advancer Classic Single Step Semi-Auto Wet BenchMEI's Advancer Classic  System is a robust, field-proven single-step solution for today's popular applications. The Advancer platform, by nature, is highly configurable, extremely maintenance-friendly, and as with all MEI systems, is controlled and monitored by IDX Flexware. IDX introduces advanced features and capabilities only found on MEI  systems.

Advancer Micro Narrow,
Semi-Auto Single-step Wet Bench

Wet Bench - Advancer Micro Narrow, Semi-Auto Single-Step Wet Processing Wet BenchMEI's Advancer Micro Wet Bench offers many of the same features and capabilities of the Advancer Classic Wet Bench but in a more compact design. The Advancer Micro has a lower overall expense with minimal facility connections. The  Advancer Micro's incredibly narrow 24" wide footprint is a popular space-efficient alternative. The Advancer Micro delivers an increase in processing capacity for a relatively low cost.

Wet Bench for Semiconductor Etch, Clean & Strip, Solar Wafer Processing, Medical Device Production, Parts Cleaning and Other Applications

In addition to semiconductor wafer processing, we build custom wet bench systems for use in medical parts and devices cleaning, MEMS, BioPharma production, life sciences research, solar cell production, parts cleaning and other application industries. Solar applications can include glass etch and damage removal etch.

Wet Bench Sample Process Applications:

MEI has extensive experience in creating semiconductor wet bench equipment, tanks and baths for any processes.  We can handle most acids, solvents and chemical delivery in ultra-clean, ultra-pure environments.  Our safety record is outstanding,  and we pay attention to wet bench reliability, maintainability and cost of ownership. We offer an array of material choices for our wet benches including: FM4910 (Halar, CPVC, PVDF), Polypropylene or Stainless Steel.

Tailored Design and Integration of Semiconductor Equipment

MEI’s wet benches, batch immersion systems, chemical delivery systems and chemical handling equipment are fully customizable semiconductor equipment, tailored based upon the specific intended use and footprint constraints of your fab. We collaborate on wet bench design through our design partnership process.  All of our wet bench systems are designed to be used with our bulk or bottle automated chemical delivery systems Integrated chemical delivery and wet process systems can be controlled with a common controller using MEI’s IDX Automation Software.


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