MEI TruEtch Metal Etching

TruEtch Processing

MEI's Critical Etch solutions with TruEtch Processing Technology (Patent Protected in USA, Europe and Asia Patent No. 9,562,291). Through superior Wet bench immersion systems designed to utilize integrated wafer rotation and precise micro bubble agitation for superior wetting and uniform etching of noble metal layer patterns for Si, Si02 and III-V materials. With TruEtch MEI offers critical etching solutions with advanced hardware, complete process understanding & precise software execution for pattern metal etching.


  • III-V EPI Films
  • Metal Pattern Etch (2-5 um features)
  • Nobel Metals
  • Cu and TiW Etch


  • Superior Etch Uniformity for 150mm - 200mm

Nobel Metal

  • Wafer to Wafer <= 0="" 3="" li="">
  • Within Wafer <= 0="" 3="" li="">
  • Lot to Lot <= 0="" 5="" li="">
  • Tank to Tank <= 0="" 5="" li="">

Si, Cu, CuAs, Si02

  • Wafer to Wafer
  • Within Wafer

Spray Pattern Etch Solutions

  • Poor wafer to wafer uniformity
  • Poor within wafer uniformity
  • Rapid chemical depletion
  • Short tank life and high chemical usage
  • Low throughput per square foot
  • Smooth metal coating with pretreatment step
  • Etch residue removal


MEI TruEtch Benefits

Consistent Etch Performance

  • Via a Closed-loop Process Control
  • Higher throughput than Spray Tools
  • Lower Chemical Usage
  • Advanced Tank Designs
  • Advanced Flow Control
  • Integrated Wafer Rotation

Etch Stability Concentration Control

  • Accurate Concentration Control
  • Accurate Chemical & DI Spiking
  • Consumption/Evaporation Compensation

Increased Reliability

  • MTBF 1500 hrs
  • Avg MTTR 1 hr
  • Higher uptime 95%
  • Reduced scrap
  • No complex wafer handling
Patent No. 9,562,291



MEI Evolution Wet Bench Applications

IDX Flexware
Advanced Process Control

MEI's proprietary IDX Flexware Process Control software provides complete control of all critical processes and conditions through closed-loop monitoring and feedback. IDX Flexware provides advanced capabilities, features, and options that are required for advanced process applications and solutions.


FlexView Advanced Process Monitoring

MEI's Flexview software enables equipment and process engineers to review the processing conditions of a specific lot ID at a glance. FlexView software does this by providing a graphic representation of all existing monitored conditions & tolerances, then storing that data in a file that is specific to the Lot ID that was being processed at that time. In the event of a yield-loss on a particular lot, the process engineer can quickly identify if the wet station processed that lot within the required specifications. In this way, the system can be much more easily eliminated as a possible cause of the yield loss even. FlexView eliminates the need to interpret large amounts of data in the data log. This creates the opportunity for greater system optimization and process transparency while improving the overall operator experience.


MEI Platforms are:

  • Flexible and Upgradeable
  • Easy to Use and Well Controlled
  • Tailored to Customer Spec
  • Production Ready
  • UL Listed 508A
  • User-friendly and Intuitive
  • Designed for Safety
  • Maintenance Friendly
  • Robust & Reliable
  • Award-winning Support