MEI Flexview Process Monitoring Software


Advanced Process Monitoring Software

MEI's Flexview Process Monitoring Software enables equipment and process engineers to review the processing conditions of a specific lot ID at a glance. FlexView software does this by providing a graphic representation of all existing monitored conditions & tolerances, then storing that data in a file that is specific to the Lot ID that was being processed at that time. In the event of a yield-loss on a particular lot, the process engineer can quickly identify if the wet station processed that lot within the required specifications. In this way, the system can be much more easily eliminated as a possible cause of the yield loss even. FlexView eliminates the need to interpret large amounts of data in the data log. This creates the opportunity for greater system optimization and process transparency while improving the overall operator experience.


  • Cleaning
  • Stripping
  • Etching
  • Metal Lift-Off
  • III-V Compound
  • Solar PV
  • MEMS
  • Medical
  • Drying (Spin Rinse & Marangoni)
  • Bulk Chemical Delivery (Carboy & Drum)


  • Easily Tailored to Customer Specifications
  • Intuitive Graphical Interface
  • Reduced Production Costs
  • Reduced Chemical Consumption
  • Reduced Chemical Waste
  • Field-proven Reliability
  • Award-winning, Worldwide Support



  • Complete System Upgrades
  • USB Backup
  • FlexView, Advanced Monitoring, and Diagnostics

IDX Flexware - The Industry's Choice

IDX Flexware is the industry's choice for complex, reliable, process control for critical wet processing applications. MEI's solutions for the most critical processes are only capable through IDX Flexware's real-time monitoring, advanced features, reliability, and it's ability to integrate into the current hardware schema or legacy system. Real-time monitoring through IDX Flexware, and in-depth analysis through FlexView provide the most comprehensive control package on the market. IDX Flexware is ideal for processes that require product traceability through the entire process, logging all LOT ID data, critical process parameters, limits, and human intervention. Whether if it's wet processing, chemical delivery, or an SRD IDX Flexware can provide features that others can't.  IDX Flexware controls every MEI system platform ensuring that we are the solution for your processing needs.


IDX Flexware on legacy equipment:

  • Semitool
  • Gasonics
  • Akrion
  • Verteq
  • Amerimade
  • Submicron
  • Universal Plastics
  • BPS
  • ChemWest
  • Santa Clara Plastics