MEI Benchtop Compass Spin Rinse Dryer

Compass Batch Spray Solvent Tool

The MEI Batch Spray Team have over 100 years of combined experience in Batch Spray systems!

MEI's Compass Batch Spray Solvent Tool (SST) was designed to the same dimensions as the Semitool C1 Style SST. This allows the customer to easily swap out their old Semitool platforms without having to make modifications to install a new tool into their fab. The Compass SST facilities connections are also in the same location as the Semitool C1 style SST, effectively reducing the installation cost of the more advanced Compass SST. IDX Flexware provides advanced process control features, these features can only be found on the Compass SST from MEI. With greater reliability, performance, and low operating costs coupled with MEI's award-winning support, the Compass Spray Solvent Tool is the process solution you can trust.


Compass Benchtop Spin Rinse Dryer SRD

Chamber, Door & Nozzle Configurations

  • The standard chamber can process any size product under 200mm and 200mm wafers in low profile cassette
  • High Profile Chamber can process 200mm wafers in high profile cassette and product larger than 200mm
  • 300mm Chamber can process 300mm wafers in clamshell carrier
  • Extended capacity chamber capable of running two stackable rotors. For product in 200mm low profile cassettes and smaller
  • Door options: MEI’s auto door or manual stainless steel door with inflatable seal
  • Manual door option can operate with foot switch
  • Nozzle configurations: single row of 9 or 18 nozzles for rinse and chemical spray manifolds
  • Extended capacity chamber: single row of 18 or 36 nozzles for rinse and chemical spray manifolds

Rotor Design Options

  • Standard single bolt Q/D Rotor
  • Master and insert rotors
  • Clamshell rotor
  • Clamshells
  • Custom carrier designs

Rotor Design Options for Extended capacity chamber

  • Able to change rotors out quickly
  • (2) 6-inch cassette rotors can run simultaneously
  • (2) 8-inch cassette rotors can run simultaneously
  • (1) 8-inch and (1) 6-inch cassette rotor can run simultaneously
  • Cassettes can be 25 or 50 wafer

PFA Filter Housings

  • Entegris PFA 10” chemlock filter housings
  • Reduces metal contamination
  • Eliminates leaks at filter housings
  • Maintenance friendly and quick to change
  • Off-the-shelf components


Maintenance & Support

  • All components are easily accessible for troubleshooting
  • Only readily available, off-the-shelf components are used in MEI upgrades
  • Award-winning, Worldwide support and service locations
  • Critical spare parts are stocked at sales and service locations worldwide

Advanced Engineering for a More Effective Design Process

  • SolidWORKS™ 3D Design
    • Industry standards
    • Effective design processPlatform consistency
    • Process of record
    • S2 compliance
  • Advanced Process Control
    • Temperature control
    • Programmability
    • Process monitoring
    • Data acquisition
  • Safety in Mind
    • SEMI S2 compliant
    • FM4910 material standard
    • UL / NFPA79 / NEC
    • Certified fire control
    • CE (optional)
MEI Compass Benchtop Spin Rinse Dryer SRD Software
  • QC and Document Control
    • Platform consistency
    • Secure documentation
    • Quality control
    • Revision control
    • Product improvement


MEI Compass Benchtop Spin Rinse Dryer SRD Software
MEI Compass Benchtop Spin Rinse Dryer SRD Software

IDX Flexware
Advanced Process Control

MEI's proprietary IDX Flexware Process Control software provides complete control of all critical processes and conditions through closed-loop monitoring and feedback. IDX Flexware provides advanced capabilities, features, and options that are required for advanced process applications and solutions.


FlexView Advanced Process Monitoring

MEI's Flexview software enables equipment and process engineers to review the processing conditions of a specific lot ID at a glance. FlexView software does this by providing a graphic representation of all existing monitored conditions & tolerances, then storing that data in a file that is specific to the Lot ID that was being processed at that time. In the event of a yield-loss on a particular lot, the process engineer can quickly identify if the wet station processed that lot within the required specifications. In this way, the system can be much more easily eliminated as a possible cause of the yield loss even. FlexView eliminates the need to interpret large amounts of data in the data log. This creates the opportunity for greater system optimization and process transparency while improving the overall operator experience.


Worldwide Service & Support

  • Installation: MEI Field Service engineers ensure a thorough and complete install
  • Start-up: MEI Field Service engineers will be on-site for tool start-up
  • Training: On-site training is provided
  • Phone support: 24-hour telephone support hotline for all users
  • Documentation: IDX User’s Manual & Schematics are provided for the electrical, plumbing & pneumatics
  • Process qualification & support (optional): MEI can provide customized engineering options for process support
  • Spare parts: A list of recommended & critical spare parts