Metal Lift-Off with FluidJet™  Wet Processing System   Semiconductor Wet Processing Full-Auto


Customers Specific Metal Lift-off  Applications
Proprietary, Patented Solution, Built on MEI’s “Revolution” Platform


Metal Lift-Off, MLO, Gold EtchMEI Metal Liftoff Solution- FluidJet

Designed specifically for Metal Lift-off

  • MEI proprietary, patented FluidJET TM Rinse Tank
  • Self Cleaning
  • Batch Processing
  • Cost Effective


Patent No. 9,070,631

 FluidJet TM Metal Lift-off Advantages

Unique Hydraulic, Agitation and Ultrasonic Design

Patented Solvent Based System with Unique Hydraulic, Agitation and Ultrasonic design that results in breakthrough MLO performance with higher throughput, significantly reduced chemical use, and less floor space!

Reduce Damage

Proprietary Metal Liftoff tank design

• Improve Lift-Off performance
• No metal redeposition — front & back side
• Fewer suspended particles
• Eliminate feature erosion and scratches

80% Reduction in Chemical Use

• Lower cost of ownership
• Batch immersion eliminates spray control issues

Increase Reclaim

• 99% precious metal capture with integrated filters and screens
• Accessible and removable screens provide rapid cleanouts

50% Smaller Footprint

• Efficient fab utilization
• Easy installation and facilities hook up

FluidJet IDX - Metal lift-off

Higher Reliability

• Low PM requirements — no spraynozzle changes
• Reduced scrap
• No complex wafer handling

100 WPH Throughput

• High uptime
• No daily shutdown for maintenance

Metal lift-off Chemistries Supported

  • Acetone and IPA
  • EKC Solvent blends
  • NMP
  • Intelligent Fluids “LisoPure”

Metal Liftoff Assembly Built Into the Process Tank

  • Provides metal removal utilizing precise hydraulic forces with robot agitation to maximize coverage
  • Oscillating fluid forces to optimize metal removal from cassette
  • Tank fluid flow balanced to maximize metal removal and achieve maximum metal cleanout
  • Fluid flow modeled to specific field proven velocity requirements for stripping metal
  • All designs are computer tested before manufacture