Featuring Marangoni and Vapor Dry

MEI offers the choice of Marangoni drying or IPA vapor drying – yielding substrates that are water free, with minimal particle counts and no feature damage.

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MEI Wet Processing Announces Integrated Marangoni Dryer with HCl and HF injection capability

Marangoni Drying

Improve Yield, Reduce Particles
MEI’s integrated Marangoni dryer can reduce particle adders with:

  • Less nitrogen consumption
  • More robust performance
  • Eliminates operator handling ofwet wafers
  • Enables chemical oxide cleans before dry with no air interface

Vapor DryingVapor Dry, IPA Displacment

For 3D Compound Semiconductor and TSV Applications
MEI’s IPA Vapor Dryer displaces water from high aspect ratio features and TSV completely drying complex surfaces

  • Lower IPA usage compared to boiling sump vapor dryers
  • 200ml/cycle
  • Completely dry “High Aspect Ratio” structures and TSV 750um deep


Genesis and Genesis X Marangoni Dryer with Injection Marangoni Dryer

  • Hydrogen Terminated Surface (HF inject)
  • Metals Removal (HCL inject)
  • Resist Sensitive Dry Solution
  • Low Levels of IPA used

Advantages- Use of surface tension on flat surfaces results in:

  • No residual water
  • No introduction of particles
  • No metal inside the drying chamber, electronic charge damage is virtually eliminated.
  • Elimination of spin drying, and all moving parts, dramatically reduces damage to thin wafer and substrates.
  • No mechanical stress
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IPA Vapor Dryer VaporDrymarangoni drying silicon wafer

  • Tank Air Flow Optimized
  • 85% Lower IPA use than Typical Vapor Dryers
  • Reducing Waste Treatment
  • High Quality, Lower Cost than Marangoni Dryers
  • Lower Exhaust Requirements than Typical vapor Dryers

The Evolution integrates drying with cleaning and rinsing, providing a one-step process for such applications as the fabrication and cleaning of ICs, solar cells, fuel cells, MEMS and disk drives.