MEI Wet Bench Robot, Components and Reliability

Outstanding Wet Bench Automation.  MEI in-house designed and built automation solutions allow for for Auto and Manual loading and unloading, reliable wafer transfer, fully automated and semi-automated operations  and XY transfer.

Wet Bench Robot Robotics
MEI’s transfer robots are a key element of our Wet Benches and Wet Process Systems. The MEI transfer robot design was originally developed based on our experience with field repairs of other OEM’s wet-bench robots and our own ideas for ease of maintenance. Key components and assemblies of the MEI wet bench transfer robot consist of Commercial Off The Shelf (COTS) components. The robot design currently utilizes the same motor for the horizontal and vertical axis, and the same sensors as our other transfer robots. The robot controller and drives are the same for both our linear and rotary robot platforms. MEI Wet Bench Transfer Robots do not contain any proprietary circuit boards, motors, actuators, or gear boxes; all COTS components are readily purchased by our customers directly from the OEM.

Robust, field proven machined parts (manufactured by MEI) are utilized to tie together the COTS components. MEI’s systems allow for quick and easy removal of the robot assembly, all electrical connections to the robot are plug/connector based, and the entire robot is designed to be removed from the system with a minimum of disassembly.

The combination of easy access, proven COTS components, and utilizing common components and parts creates highly reliable robots with easily procured and easily replaced components. Overall this leads to low MTTR and high MTBF for MEI transfer robots.

Wet Bench RobotsWet Process Bench Robot

MEI has several proprietary designs for wet bench robots. The Revolution Wet Bench robot is a 2-axis design using screw actuators, brushless motors, motor drives, and a motion controller. The main mechanical portion of the transfer robot is housed in a nitrogen-purged enclosure constructed from the same material as the wet system. The robot arm and end effector are fabricated from PVDF and are designed to fit the specific product cassettes used.