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Custom Process Tanks & Baths Tailored for Your Wet Process System

Each process is unique, each MEI Wet Process System or Wet Bench needs specialized tanks and baths.  MEI can handle any process chemistry, including, HF, KOH, HNA, HCl, Pirhana.   MEI has the ability to custom fabricate our own designs (or your design) from most plastics and metals, and we can provide custom modified OEM molded tanks from quartz, Teflon and other plastics.  We offer OEM Megasonic cleaning and Ultrasonic cleaning options.

Megasonic and Ultrasonic Wet Bench Options

MEI Wet Bench | Metal Liftoff Solution | FluidJet

Megasonic cleaning, Ultrasonic baths and tanks are options for our Wet Bench Semiconductor Processing Equipment, including megasonic rinse stations.  Adding OEM Megasonic cleaning tanks and Ultrasonic baths provide a high level of cleaning performance by applying high frequency energy  remove submicron particles via acoustic cavitation.

Wet Bench Custom Process Baths for Semiconductor Chemicals and Processes

  • Tanks and Baths for all chemicals & processes: KOH, (Hydrofluoric)HF,(Hydrochloric)HCl, Solvents, Nitric Acid, Sulfuric Acid
  • Wide range of available materials – polypropylene, PVDF, Teflon, Halar, Quartz
  • Molded or fabricated
  • Heated or unheated
  • Recirculated or static
  • Quick dump or cascade rinsers
  • Automatic or manual lids
  • Reflux condensing collars