Update Your Verteq Megasonics and SRD Rinser Dryers. We have spare parts, we recondition  and service Verteq Systems

MEI is experienced in Service and Support of Legacy Verteq Megasonics, Wet Stations, Quick Rinse Dump and Verteq SRD’s (Spin Rinse Dryers)

Make your Verteq, Verteq Megasonic, wet bench or wet cleaning station and Verteq SRD work for you again.

MEI offers parts, spares, service, repairs and upgrades to Verteq and Verteq Megasonic wet benches and wet stations and Verteq srd’s.

  • Verteq Megasonic
  • Verteq Sunburst Turbo
  • Verteq Sunburst Turbo Plus
  • Verteq Sunburst Turbo Quickdump
  • Verteq VcS Wet Process Systems
  • Verteq Cobra Wet Process Systems
  • Verteq ES200 Wet Process Systems
  • Verteq SRD, (Verteq spin rinse dryer)

Including Verteq Megasonic, Verteq 1800, Verteq 1600, Verteq Sunburst, Verteq SuperCLean Verteq double stack, Verteq 1600, and models STQD600 (C1, C2), STQD800 (C1, C2, CC50),Sunburst Turbo Plus, STP800 (C1, C2, CC50, Sunburst Turbo, ST600 (C1, C2), Verteq ST1600, ST800 (C1, C2, CC50), SuperCLean 1600-55 (front-loading, 1800-6 (front-loading),SC200 (top-loading), SC300 (top-loading) SuperClean

Save money by extending useful life

Verteq SRD,  Verteq Spin rinse dryerImprove throughput or yield

Refurbish unsupported equipment

Find unavailable parts and get needed repairs
In addition to providing you with the parts you need, MEI provides the following services:

Upgrade automation, motion and/or robotic controls

Accommodate larger wafers

Improve ergonomics

Upgrade chemical systems and processes, including megasonics and recirculation

Upgrade electrical systems

Improve ventilation and safety features

Contact us for services other than those listed above.

Do More With Less; Repair, Recondition, and Upgrade! Call us for a free estimate.

*Verteq is a registered trademark Marteq. MEI LLC is not affiliated with Marteq Process Solution in any way, nor does Marteq Process Solutions endorse any product of MEI LLC.