Submicron Systems Wet Bench Upgrades

MEI is Committed to Providing Parts, Service and Support of Legacy Submicron Systems Wet Benches, Wet Stations and Wet Process Systems

Enable your Submicron (and Akrion) Systems wet bench to work for you again.

Sub Micron wet bench upgrade

Sub-Micron Wet Bench Upgrade (Akrion)

SMS Wet Bench Products, SMS rear-mount,Submicron wet benches, Submicron GAMA, GAMA300, and SMS AWS.

MEI has completed more than a dozen rear mount Submicron Systems upgrades in the past few years.

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MEI offers parts, spares, service, repairs and upgrades to Submicron  wet benches and wet stations. Including:

Rear Mount Wet Station Upgrades:

  • Control Software Upgrades with IDX Automation Software (SECS GEM Compliant),
  • Motion Control Upgrades with standard PC, Support and Flexibility, Plug and Play Operating system,
  • Stepper motion control with No more Schedule C alarms or movement alerts
  • Replacement of obsolete components including complex and expensive analog to digital converter “DGH” modules
    • Removal of the Stargate card and ISA slot drivers
    • Replacement of the ISA slot AC-28 card with an up to date PCI-AC-28 card that can be used in any “off the shelf” computer system
  • Outstanding Software Diagnostic tools
    – Robot SMI allows the user to test, monitor and tune the motors for operation like never before

remove robot motors from submicron

Removing Old SubMicron Hardware

Old Submicron Motors

Replaced Motor

NEW Simplified, with integrated Motor Controllers

New Motors-Submicron

New Motors, running reliably for 8 years

Retrofit of Submicron Systems  will:

  • Give your wet station new life
  • Improve operation and reliability
  • Increase uptime
  • Provide sophisticated troubleshooting tools
  • Remove obsolete components
  • Provide low cost parts that are easy to replace and troubleshoot
  • Provide 100% Technical and Software support with a phone call and a few clicks of a mouse
  • Maintain the same level of process capabilities and quality you have established over the years.

Process of record is no problem!

In addition to providing you with the parts you need, MEI provides the following services:

Upgrade automation, motion and/or robotic controls

Accommodate larger wafers

Improve ergonomics

Upgrade chemical systems and processes, including megasonics and recirculation

Upgrade electrical systems

Improve ventilation and safety features

Contact us for services other than those listed above.

Do More With Less; Repair, Recondition, and Upgrade! Call us for a free estimate.

*Akrion and GAMA are registered trademarks of Akrion Systems. MEI LLC is not affiliated with Akrion Systems in any way, nor does Akrion Systems endorse any product of MEI LLC.