Refurbish Used Semiconductor Equipment – Wet Bench & SRD UpgradesUsed Semiconductor Equipment Refurbishing Services

Extend the Life of your Wet Process Systems, SRDs & Chemical Delivery Systems

With our used semiconductor equipment refurbishing, MEI can extend the usable life of your wet processing equipment, from wet benches and spin rinse dryers, to processes and plumbing. Our wet process system retrofits, reconditioning and upgrade work includes manual wet benches, and semi-automated or fully automated processing equipment, SRDs and chemical delivery systems.  We work with Verteq, Akrion, SubMicronSystems, Santa Clara Plastics, Universal Plastics, and a wide range of other semiconductor wet bench equipment.

MEI Upgrades and Repairs the Following Brands:

And Spin/Rinse Dryers:

  • Verteq
  • Semitool

Reasons to Refurbish your Semiconductor Wet Bench

Used Semiconductor Equipment & Support System Retrofits

MEI’s high quality, custom work upgrading used semiconductor equipment can include:

  • Repair – with replacement or retrofitted parts
  • Refurbish and Recondition – with existing design and function, but restoring to good working order
  • Retrofits – changing robots, baths, software, etc.
    • Replace failing parts
    • Replace obsolete components
    • Upgrade equipment and materialWet Bench motion control
    • Redesign a system within the confines of current shell and footprint

Retrofit Unsupported Equipment

Save money and keep your system in use by retrofitting, refurbishing, reconditioning or upgrading it with MEI’s custom capabilities.

  • Upgrades and Overhauls – to add new or improved features

Software, Automation, Motion Control or Robotics

  • Upgrade from manual to semi-automatic
  • Upgrade, rebuild or refurbish robots and robotic controllers
    to improve process control and usability
  • Install new controls with IDX Automation Software
  • Upgrade operator process interface -easier for operators to learn and use
  • Providing better process monitoring and control
  • Providing easier access and maintenance of the tool
  • Add control systems—PLC and cell controllers
  • New robots with off-the-shelf parts

Ergonomic Upgrades

Akrion Wet Bench Ergonomic Upgrade
We have worked extensively with tool operators, maintenance technicians and safety/ergonomic engineers to develop what we feel are best-in-class ergonomic solutions.

  • New loading systems allow operators to move product in and out of the equipment more ergonomically
  • Ergonomic screens with swing arm positioning and touch screen controls create a more accommodating user interface

Accommodate Larger Wafers

  • Increase wafer size up to 300 mm

Chemical Systems & Process Upgrades

Refurbished Used Semiconductor Equipment Wet Bench

  • Refurbish or replace chemical tanks and baths
  • Modify process layout of chemical and rinse tanks
  • Change materials to quartz, PTFE, Halar and Teflon
  • Upgrade controls, plumbing and electronics
  • Integrate megasonics, ultrasonics, nitrogen or mechanical agitation
  • Upgrade to FM4910 enclosures
  • Add MEI IDX Automation Software for process control
  • Upgrade level sensors
  • Add scales to include mixing capability
  • Add chemical spiking and/or concentration monitoring and control
  • Convert from manual fill to bulk fill

Electrical Upgrades

Wet bench electrical panel

MEI is a UL certified panel manufacturer.

  • Alterations to meet new standards or codes
  • Add in-line heaters and heat exchangers
  • Include heater/chillers, enclosures, pumps and compressor, and probes, sensors and switches
  • Add temperature control, including heater circuit control and safety circuits

Ventilation and Safety Upgrades

  • Exhaust collars
  • Exhaust rerouting and monitor
  • Fire suppression upgrade
  • Tank lids, fume control and enclosures
  • Condensing systems

Warranty Option

Most MEI reconditioning work is performed with a 1-year warranty. Multi year warranties are available as options on some types of system upgrades and retrofits.

Fully Supported:

  • Full start-up, testing, and training available
  • MEI’s technical services ensure the best possible operation and process results from wet process improvements.

Download our MEI Refurbishing& Reconditioning Brochure