Upgrades and Reconditioning of Used Wet Benches, Wet Process Systems & SRD’s

Save money by extending useful life of your used wet bench, improve throughput or yield, refurbish unsupported used semiconductor equipment.

Reasons to Recondition, Refurbish or Upgrade Used Semiconductor Equipment

Used Semiconductor Equipment Refurbishing ServicesRefurbished Semiconductor equipment wet bench

* Upgrade automation, motion and/or robotic controls
* Accommodate larger wafers
* Improve ergonomics
* Upgrade chemical systems and processes, including megasonics and recirculation
* Upgrade electrical systems
* Improve ventilation and safety features

Parts and Service
for Used Wet Benches & SRD’s

Make your Legacy wet bench and wet process systems work for you again. MEI offers parts, service, repairs and upgrades to

Refurbished Used Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment

used Akrion wet bench semiconductor equipmentMEI reconditions and sells used semiconductor wafer cleaning, wet process equipment and SRDS.  Here is our list of currently available refurbished systems, wet benches and process tools.

Save money by extending useful life
Improve throughput or yield
Refurbish unsupported equipment
Find unavailable parts and get needed repairs

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