Repairs, Refurbishments, Parts & Service to extend the life of your Spin Rinse Dryers

Extend the life of your Spin Rinse Dryer

MEI is experienced in Service and Support of legacy Semitool and  Verteq Spin Rinse Dryers


SEMITOOL SupportSemitool, Spin Rinse Dryer , SRD

  • New IDX Flexware Control Software
  • Windows 7 based PC
  • Bowl Refinished and Electro-polished
  • NEW vibration dampeners
  • NEW Adapter seal (uses CDA reduces N2 usage by 50%)
  • NEW DI water manifold gasket
  • NEW rear bowl seal (Viton®)
  • NEW high flow, low pressure nozzles
  • NEW N2 cartridge heater
  • NEW bowl blanket heater with OT and AT temp thermal switches
  • NEW ST Gobain N2 and DI water valve assembly
  • NEW Teflon® drain tube
  • NEW Teflon® supply lines (3/8” OD)
  • Electro-polish and balance rotor
  • NEW window
  • NEW door seal (Viton®)
  • Solenoids checked
  • NEW nylon barbed pneumatic fittings
  • Hinge bearings cleaned and checked
  • Anti-stat cleaned and checked
  • Rear cam cleaned and checked
  • RSP cleaned and checked
  • New Motor and Motor controller with encoder for rpm control
  • User Interface 10.4 in color touch screen
  • Unlimited Recipes
  • Multi-level Passwords for process, engineering and operators
  • EPO Front and Back
  • Warranty:  1-Year parts only, no labor (covers only parts replaced by MEI)

Ask us about the N2 Savings upgrades we can provide for your Semitool SRD!


MEI Wet Processing Semitool SRD Refurbishment
MEI Wet Processing Semitool SRD Refurbishment with Controller Upgrade 
MEI Wet Processing SRD Rotor Service
MEI Wet Processing Semitool Magnum & Spectrums
MEI Wet Processing Compass SRD Spare Parts
MEI Wet Processing Semitool SRD Spare Parts

VERTEQ Support

Make your Verteq wet bench or wet cleaning station and Verteq SRD work for you again.

MEI offers parts, spares, service, repairs and upgrades to Verteq wet benches and wet stations and Verteq SRDs.

  • Verteq VcS Wet Process Systems
  • Verteq Cobra Wet Process SystemsVerteq SRD, Verteq Spin rinse dryer
  • Verteq ES200 Wet Process Systems
  • Verteq SRD, (Verteq spin rinse dryer)

Upgrade automation, motion and/or robotic controls

Accommodate larger wafers

Improve ergonomics

Upgrade chemical systems and processes

Upgrade electrical systems

Improve ventilation and safety features



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*Verteq is a registered trademark Marteq. MEI LLC is not affiliated with Marteq Process Solution in any way, nor does Marteq Process Solutions endorse any product of MEI LLC.