Improve Performance, Yield & Lower Costs

MEI’s Advanced Process Controls provide the necessary stability of process conditions through closed loop monitoring/control using software recording of all key process variables. The result is a system capable of advanced cleaning and process monitoring capabilities required for critical process steps.

Built-In Concentration Controls & MonitoringWet Bench Process Controls

  • Improve process performance
  • Extend tank life
  • Reduce chemical consumption
  • Reduce chemical waste generated
  • Reduce cost per pattern

DI Water Injection in Semi-Aqueous Solvents

  • Improve process performance
  • Reduce solvent usage
  • Reduce solvent waste
  • Improve uptime of tool

Flow Rate MonitoringWet Bench Data Output

  • Monitor recirculation flows
  • Redundant temperature monitoring ensures critical temperature control
  • Monitor spike volumes and confirmation of spike activity

Analog Controls

  • Analog sensors provide software controlled ratio creation in-tank blending capabilities
  • Control DI water inject
  • Control temperature, recirculation flow, spiking volume
  • Conductivity, resistivity, temperature and flow data are captured and stored

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