Process Control Software for Semiconductor Wet Processing Equipment and Chemical Delivery SystemsIDX Flexware, Automation Control Software,

MEI’s proprietary IDX Flexware Control Automation Software is extremely flexible and ideal for many different types of equipment where sophisticated user interface capabilities are required.IDX automation motion control software is outstanding for both process and maintenance productivity.

SECS/GEM Compatible

Quality Controls, Touchscreen Interface, SECS/GEM Compliant

Many different OEM semiconductor wet processing equipment providers utilize IDX Control Software on their new semiconductor equipment sold within the industry. MEI’s IDX Flexware Process Control Software is widely regarded as an outstanding application for controlling automated wet processing systems. IDX  Flexware Process Control Software is able to streamline processes and provide unparalleled ease of use while maintaining uptime and reliability.

Improve Performance & Yield, Lower Costs with IDX Control Automation

MEI’s Advanced Process Controls provide the necessary stability of process conditions through closed loop monitoring/control using software recording for all key process variables. The result is a system capable of advanced cleaning and process monitoring capabilities required for critical process steps.

Designed for Productivity

  • Highly configurable operator interface
  • Unlimited user/permission levels with password protection
  • SECS/GEM compliant

Easy-to-Use, Touch Screen Interface

  • Easy-to-setup flexible recipe programmingI/O monitor program that displays all I/O statusRuns on standard PC using Windows software

Configurability and Versatility

  • Scheduler supports multiple robots
  • True multitasking operation
  • Interactive recipe and configuration editor

Enables Advanced Process ControlsWet Bench Process Controls

  • Improve process performance
  • Extend tank life
  • Reduce chemical consumption
  • Reduce chemical waste generated

Designed for Safety and Reliability

Maintenance Operation Modes

IDX Flexware process control software is shipped with all new MEI Wet Process Systems, most MEI Chemical Delivery Systems, and it can be used to upgrade most non-MEI wet systems as well as standalone spin-rinse dryers. The operator’s touch screen interface employs easy-to-setup flexible recipe programming, combined with manual and semi-auto operational control of valves and I/O points so that operators and maintenance technicians have the control they require right at their fingertips. This makes IDX automation motion control software outstanding for both process and maintenance productivity.

IDX Flexware Control Automation Software is available for purchase / use under a license agreement.

Designed for Productivity

IDX Flexware software features a scheduler that supports multiple robots (or other devices) and multiple cassettes, each of which can use a different processing recipe. A lot tracking and production reporting option is also available.

  • Scheduler handles multiple robots and cassettes with multiple recipes simultaneouslyWet Bench Data Output
  • SECS /GEM compliant RS232 or HSMS driver
  • Lot tracking and production reporting
  • Data graphing with option that can be stored in a text file for import to spread sheet
  • Compatible with barcode readers for lot ID or recipe selection
  • Advanced process controls
  • Remote access compatible
  • Simple error recovery via resume “button”

Easy-to-Use, Color Touch Screen

  • Intuitive graphical display
  • Highly configurable operator interface runs on Windows XP R or 2000 operating systems
  • Interactive recipe and configuration editor for process customization
  • Unlimited user/permission levels with password protection (authorization levels highly configurable)

Designed for Safety & ReliabilityWet Bench Easy System Interface

  • Proven use in hundreds of applications across many industries and manufacturers
  • Software monitors for unsafe conditions
  • Human safety, product safety and equipment safety are protected with software and hardware interlocks
  • Watchdog program starts all scripts and keeps them running
  • Visual and audible alarms


IDX Flexware Process Control  software is used in many applications in many industries. Applications can include:

  • Wet process systems used for cleaning, stripping and etching silicon wafers, solar PV wafers, MEMS wafers, and medical parts.
  • Bulk chemical distribution systems
  • Used semiconductor equipment system retrofits and system upgrades including Akrion, Verteq, Submicron Systems, Universal Plastics, Universal Systems, Bold, Chemical Safety Technology, Ultrafab, Amerimade, BPS, ChemWest and SantaClara Plastics systems.
  • Can be used with many different I/O platforms (GE, Siemens, Modicon, Omron and others)

Configurable & Flexible SoftwareWet  Bench Software Screens

  • Script written in C++ language that controls all devices and can be easily configured
  • Each device is controlled by a script and each script runs as a separate task
  • Open system architecture that can be extended by mapping in additional DLLs to the script language
  • Applications are constructed using a configurable operator interface and scripting language or by linking custom applications to its Dynamic Link Libraries (DLLs)
  • System architecture is open and easily extended by mapping in additional DLLs to the script language
  • Built-in drawing editor for screen editing for easier customization
  • Upgrades/changes at reasonable costs

Maintenance Operation

  • Robot can be manually controlled from operator interface
  • Complete data logging stored in a daily log file
  • Tank I/O (values/pumps/drains etc.) can be controlled individually from tank screen
  • Comes with I/O monitor program that displays all I/O status and can be used to monitor inputs and force outputs
  • Real-time task monitoring/viewing for identified problem and status

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