IDX Control Automation Software

Wet Bench Control Software

MEI’s proprietary IDX Control Automation Software is extremely flexible and ideal for wet process system control, including both process and maintenance productivity. IDX Control Automation Software is available with all new MEI Wet Process Systems, most MEI Chemical Delivery Systems, and it can be used to upgrade other manufacturer’s wet process systems.

MEI IDX Control Automation software is available for purchase and use under a license agreement.

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Custom Reconditioning, Refurbishing and Retrofit ServicesRefurbished Used Semiconductor Equipment Wet Bench

MEI can extend the usable life of your used semiconductor wet processing equipment, from replacing automation controls to increasing wafer size, to adding new processes and upgrading electrical,  plumbing or ergonomics. Our wet process system refurbishing reconditioning and upgrade work includes most makes and models of manual wet benches, semi-automated or fully automated processing equipment, spin rinse dryers and chemical delivery systems.

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Reconditioned Used Semiconductor Equipmentused Akrion wet bench semiconductor equipment

MEI reconditions and sells used semiconductor wafer cleaning, wet process equipment and SRDS.  Here is our list of currently available refurbished systems, wet benches and process tools.