Quality, Life-extending Refurbishments for Spray Acid Tools

MEI provides exceptionally refurbished Semitool Wet Process Equipment including,  Spray Acid Tools (SAT), Spray Solvent Tools (SST), and Spin Rinse Dryers (SRD).  We focus on making your SAT work longer and serve you better with Repair, Upgrades, Service and Support. Our trained engineers and technicians will design an upgrade and retrofit to meet your needs, with a full range of Batch spray upgrade options.

SAT Upgrade Applications:Semitool, ClassOne, Semsysco, OEM Group, Siconnex

  • Resist strip
  • Oxide etch
  • Cleans
  • Metal etch
  • Wafer reclaim

SAT Upgrade Features:

  • 25 wafer loads
  • 1, 2 & 3 chamber tools
  • Trending and graphing via statistical process control software
  • High throughput
  • Automated dry in—dry out
  • 4 chemicals in one sequence
  • Repeatable process control
  • Enclosed cabinet for operator safety
  • Submicron filtration

Individual Upgrade Options

  • Control System Upgrade – Eliminates Semitool** obsolete electronics and replaces controls with modern off the shelf components. Gives you a software platform that is easy to configure and has unlimited capabilities like no other spray tool.
  • Front & Rear Monitor Upgrade* – Front and Rear Monitor upgrades: Lowest cost solution on the market to replace your old CRT and LCD monitors with 15 inch ELO® touchscreen monitors.

  • Analog Flow Meter Upgrade *The Vortex flow meter is low maintenance and gives you improved accuracy control over your process.

  • Valve Manifold UpgradeReplaces all Semitool** 3/8 valve manifolds with St Gobain® Valves. These valves are available world wide from any St Gobain® Distributer. Eliminates a single source supplier for spare valves.

  • Chamber UpgradeGives you the capability to run larger product without having to buy a new tool.

  • Drain Block UpgradeReplaces the Semitool** Drain Block with St Gobain® Valves. These valves available world wide from any St Gobain® Distributer. Eliminates a single source supplier for spare valves.

  • PFA Filter UpgradeProvides you filter housings that have Flaretek® Fittings and eliminates metal filter housings from you process chemical supply.

  • Closed-loop Control Pump Upgrade * – Upgrade your current pump with a closed-loop pump system that offers improved process control, improved uniformity and reduces scrapped events.

  • Pneumatic Trebor Pump Upgrade * – Upgrade your current pumps to all Teflon® Pneumatic Pumps from Trebor. For better flow control and exceptional performance.

  • Externally Heated Tank Upgrade * – Upgrade to heated tanks when changing process to chemicals that need to be heated.

  • Inline Heater Upgrade * – Faster recovery time when heated. Maintenance friendly design

  • Tank Addition Upgrade * – Add tanks to your tool to increase process capabilities.

Download MEI’s complete list of Batch Spray Upgrades

MEI Wet Processing

* IDX Control System Upgrade is required prior to this upgrade

** MEI is in no way affiliated with Semitool or their products

 Onsite installation is available for many upgrades
MEI offers World Class System Support!

*Semitool is a registered trademarks of Applied materials. MEI Wet Processing Systems and Services is not affiliated with Applied Materials in any way, nor does Applied Materials endorse any product of MEI Wet Processing Systems and Services