Tailored Wet Processing Systems, Wet Stations, Wet Bench Systems and Silcon Wafer Cleaning and Wafer Etching Systems

We Create Wet Processing Solutions

MEI’s batch wet process systems, wet stations and wet bench systems are designed for:

  • Semiconductor, MEMS, LED  Wet Processing- Semiconductor Processing Equipment
  • Silicon Wafer Cleaning
  • KOH etching
  • GaAs Wafer Cleaning
  • MEMs Wafer Cleaning
  • Solar Wafer Cleaning
  • Polysilicon Chunk, Bar and Ingot Cleaning
  • Medical and Biomedical Parts Cleaning

Our Wet Benches and Wet Process Systems include fully automatic, semi-automatic and manual options, with a choice of linear and rotary robotics.

MEI’s Wet Processing Systems and Semiconductor Wet Benches

A full line of cleanroom wet bench tools to meet your needs

MEI’s wet processing systems provide you with affordable, high-quality semiconductor and batch immersion process benches that perform safely and reliably. Explore our modular systems by platform:

Evolution Wet Process System
Revolution Wet Process System
Advancer Semi-Auto Wet Benches
IDX AutomationSoftware
Rotary Wet Process System
Semi auto Semiconductor Wet Bench
  • Automated Wet Process System
  • In-line transfer mechanism
  • Multi-step, High Throughput
  • Solar option
  • Automated Wet System
  • Rotary transfer mechanism
  • Multi-step
  • Compact
  • Semi-Auto Wet Bench
  • Single-step
  • Small Footprint
  • Up to 4 modules
  • Integrated Chemical Delivery
  • Dosing & Spiking
  • Bulk, Carboy & Bottle


MEI has a solution to meet most wet etch, wet process, parts cleaning & wafer cleaning needs.

Download our MEI-WetProcess Systems Overview Brochure

We have extensive experience in silicon etch, wafer cleaning, and wafer stripping for wafers from 100 mm up to 300 mm.

All of MEI’s wet benches and wet processing equipment are:

    • Flexible and Upgradeable

Modular designs, professionally CAD drawn.

    • Easy to Use and Well Controlled

MEI IDX Automation software provides easy to use, flexible and configurable controls. MEI designs and manufactures all of its own robotics.

    • Tailored

All wet bench systems are tailored from one of our flexible platforms to your process and fab design, via MEI’s unique partnership design process.

    • Production Ready

Quality and safety are designed and built right into our wet benches. We focus on equipment footprint, high throughput and low cost of ownership to meet your process needs. Software is SECS/GEM compliant to provide seamless fab integration.

    • Designed for Safety

Proprietary MEI design elements, including exhausting, interlocks and end effectors ensure safety, proper ergonomics, ease of maintenance, and high reliability.

    • Maintenance Friendly

Up-time is everything. Thoughtful design provides easy access to all component areas, and MEI uses OEM, not custom components so spares and replacements are readily obtainable.

    • Reliable

Field proven reliability developed over twenty plus years of experience. Each MEI system is tailored and designed using Solid Works with detailed drawings that ensure quality, precision and accurate documentation.

    • Supported

MEI provides world-class, award winning service, installation and support.