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SRD, Spin Rinse Dryer, Semiconductor, Wafer, ClassOne, SemitoolJune 2, 2017 –Albany Oregon – MEI Wet Process Systems and Services just shipped two units of our state of the art Compass Spin Rinse Dryer to a research institute in the Eastern United States. This was a repeat order from this customer for another set of SRDs.

This customer purchased MEI’s Compass SRD to add capacity to their fab. They selected the Compass SRD due to its ability to provide reduced N2 consumption, superior vibration control, and its unique Data Logging and Host Communication Package.

The Compass SRD platform provides our customers with a proven Data Logging and Host Communication package that is superior to any other SRD on the market.  MEI’s IDX Flexware Software provides many capabilities that other SRD manufacturers do not offer.

Our goal with Compass SRD is to provide our customers with the most state of the art SRD on the market combining modern technology, reduced cost of ownership, and affordable pricing.

The Compass Host communications and Data logging package is the same as we provide with our Wet Benches and remanufactured Spray Tools.  No more black holes with collecting SRD process data and not knowing if lots were processed in the SRD.

The dryer’s N2 and blanket heaters are programmable with idle and process set points.  This gives the customer the ability to control bowl temperature for wafers/substrates that are temperature sensitive.

Our DC Brushless Servo motor is capable of 0 to 2800 rpms and holding rpm set point to plus or minus 2 rpm’s of the set point.  No other SRD on market can perform at these rpm’s and set point tolerances.

The Compass’ proprietary design uses about 50% less N2 compared to other SRDs on the market.

The Compass SRD is available with low and high profile cassette chambers in Bench Top, Single Standalone, and Double Standalone models.


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