For Metal Liftoff (MLO) Applications

 MLO, Metal Lift-Off, Wafer

MEI’s Fluidjet technology provides metal removal utilizing precise hydraulic forces with unique robot agitation to maximize coverage resulting in reliable performance with increased throughput, increased reclaim and a reduction in chemical usage.
Patent No. 9,070,631
MEI Metal Liftoff Solution- FluidJet


  • Batch Immersion Processing eliminates spray control issues
  • Patented Process
  • Field-proven Process
  • Lower cost of ownership than single wafer
  • Higher throughput than Single Wafer processing
  • Reduced Scrap
  • Auto-clean post-process to maximize uptime
  •  Reduced footprint
  • Increased metal recovery/reclaim with integrated filters and screens
  • Off-the-self design reduces equipment downtime and reduces CoO
  • Real-time process monitoring & control capabilities with IDX Flexware
  • Fluid and air handling flow modeling
  • Qualified and tested at the factory

MEI’s FluidJet™ Technology –  Field-proven Results

MLO, Fluidjet, Metal Lift-Off, Wafer


MLO Chemistries Supported

  • Acetone and IPA
  • EKC Solvent blends
  • NMP
  • Intelligent Fluids “LisoPure”

Built on MEI’s Revolution Platform

Metal Lift-Off, MLO, Gold Etch

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