Gold Etch Uniformity is critical and difficult to achieve.

In Semiconductor and MEMs manufacturing, Gold Etch generally uses iodine-iodide, basic ferricyanide, aqua regia, or potassium cyanide. Each formulation displays its own strength and weaknesses and they all vary in speed, selectivity, stability, safety, etc. The iodine-iodide etchants are often regarded as a safe method of etching gold in terms of stability, toxicity and the overall handling.

PVD Au Etch uniformity with Spray tools is terrible.  Wafer centers have higher etch rates than edges, and incoming wafer roughness is amplified.
Generally are spaced widely apart to minimize the uniformity problem, resulting in low throughput and inefficient chemical use.

MEI has the solution for Plated Gold Etch (Plated Au Etch)

Lower Cost, High Performance Au Etch

Pattern metal machining through superior immersion system design utilizing integrated wafer rotation and precise micro bubble agitation for superior wetting and uniform etching of noble metal layer patterns

Radically improved WIW Etch Uniformity vs spray tool.

MEI’s custom Gold Etch solution uses MEI’s semi-automatic tool with custom designed process steps, including modelled, controlled flow, with custom Integrated N2 agitation and proprietary recirculation and wafer rotation to solve uniformity issues.


MEI Platform Advantages

  • Multi Lot Simultaneous Processing
    • High Performance, Shared control System, Shared Facilities, Smaller Footprint

    Software Flexibility

    • User Programmable Configuration
    • Recipes, Speeds, Chem control


    • Rapid Transfer from Etch to Rinse
    • Agitation Flexibility


    • Field Proven Designs

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