Advanced  Etch –Wet Etching Process Application Solutions

InGaP Etch, GaAs Etch, InGaAs Etch Solutions


 Consistent Etch Performance

  • Via closed loop process control
  • Advanced tank designs and flow controls
  • Rapid robot transfer to rinse in  less than 5 seconds

Etch Stability Concentration control

  • Hyper Accurate Concentration Controls (ABB, Horiba, CI Semi)
  • Hyper Accurate Spiking Capability (Chemical and DI)
  • Automatic Compensation for Losses due to Consumption and Evaporation

MEI GaAs & InGaP Etch Performance Capabilities

Consistent Results,  Change out to Change out, No Residue Left Behind

Consistent GaAs Etch / InGaP Etch Rates

Etch Rate Uniformity (150mm)

  • Wafer to Wafer < 1%
  • Within Wafer < 5%
  • Lot to Lot < 2%
  • Tank to Tank < 1%

No Contamination

  • Particle Neutral at 0.12 um
  • Metallic Contamination < 1E10
  • Integrated Dryer*

Etch Stability w/IDX


  • DI Water Concentration
  • H3PO4 Concentration
  • H2O2 Concentration
  • HCL Concentration
  • Hyper Accurate Concentration Control
  • Hyper Accurate Chemical Spiking Capability

Rapid Response

  • Consistent Process End Point Control
  • Robot Transfer to Rinse in Less Then 5 seconds

Hyper Accurate Concentration Controls – Etch rate stability,  End point control


High Resolution Chemical/DI Injection Controls – Stabilizes Flow Improves Consistency

  • DI Water Flow Controllers – Avoids Variances Due to Facility Pressure Fluctuations During Spike Activity
  • Independent Water Loss Sensing  – Allows IDX to Identify Loss of Water Volume Providing Process Engineers Better Etch Rate Stability
  • Software Controlled Chemical Spiking Algorithms – Utilized in Combination with the FTNIR Sensor to Maintain Concentration

Increased reliability

  • MTBF < 1500 Hr (Semi E10)
  • Avg MTTR < 1 Hr
  • Higher Uptime > 95%
  • Reduced Scrap
  • No complex Wafer Handling

IDX  Control Software Advantages For GaAs & InGaP Etch

Etch Control Through Advanced Hardware, Process Understanding and Software Execution

Etch End Point Consistency

Concentration Control Via In-Line FTNIR Sensor

  • Programmable Chemical Spiking Control
  • Lengthens Tank Life, Increases Uptime, Lowers Cost

Independent DI Loss and Spike Control Parameters

  • Allow for regular corrections to each chemical and water content in tank

MEI Platform Advantages

  • Multi Lot Simultaneous Processing
  • High Performance, Shared control System, Shared Facilities, Smaller Footprint

Software Flexibility

  • User Programmable Configuration
  • Recipes, Speeds, Chem control


  • Rapid Transfer from Etch to Rinse
  • Agitation Flexibility


  • Field Proven Designs