Critical Etch solutions with patented TruEtch Technology

Patent Protected in USA, Europe and Asia Patent No. 9,562,291

Features:TruEtch2Consistent Silicon Etch

  • Greater Stability
  • Field Proven Reliability
  • Higher Uptime
  • Reduction in Chemical Consumption
  • Reduction in Waste Treatment
  • Lower Exhaust Requirements
  • Smaller Footprint
  • Advanced Software Capabilities
  • Award Winning Service and Support

Reduce the Utilization of your Dry Tool

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Cu and TiW Etch more

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Advanced Solutions – Etch Control Through Advanced Hardware,
Process Understanding & Software Execution

 MEI Platform Advantages Advanced Silicon Etch

Multi Lot Simultaneous Processing

  • High Performance, Shared Control System,
  • Shared Facilities, Smaller Footprint

Software Flexibility

  • User Programmable Configuration
  • Recipes, Speeds, Chem Control


  • Rapid Transfer from Etch to Rinse
  • Agitation Flexibility


  • Field Proven Designs