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February 2017 –Albany Oregon – MEI Wet Process Systems and Services

MEI completed installation of two premium remanufactured freestanding spray solvent tools at a data storage manufacturer in the
United Kingdom in Q4 of 2016.MEI did a tool swap for the customer to eliminate the down time for the customer’s production line.
The remanufactured SST’s replaced their outdated SST’s in their fab without having to do new facilities saving time and money.

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MEI wins multi-million dollar equipment order from
Tier 1 RF & Power Company

Albany OR – MEI Wet Process Systems and Services LLC (MEI)

has finalized the sale of multiple, immersion, wet process tools to a leading RF & Power Semiconductor Company in the US.
The order runs across the spectrum of MEI products and applications comprising both semi and fully automated equipment
performing front end cleans and etches to backend resist strips and liftoff.

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MEI Ships Four Compass Spin Rinse Dryers to Israel


Compass SRD, Spin Rinse DryerAugust 31, 2016 –Albany Oregon – 

MEI Wet Process Systems and Services just shipped four units of our state of the art Compass Spin Rinse Dryer to Compound Semiconductor manufacturer in Israel

This customer purchased MEI’s Compass SRD to replace their outdated SRD’s in their Fab. They selected the Compass SRD due to its ability to provide reduced N2 consumption, superior vibration control, and its unique Data Logging and Host Communication Package.

The Compass SRD platform provides our customers with a proven Data Logging and Host Communication package that is superior to any other SRD on the market.  MEI’s IDX Flexware Software provides many capabilities that other SRD manufacturers do not offer.


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Compass Spin Rinse Dryers

compass Spin Rinse Dryer









 MEI Offering Full-Service Batch Spray Support

MEI provides exceptionally refurbished Semitool Wet Process Equipment including,  Spray Acid Tools (SAT), Spray Solvent Tools (SST), and Spin Rinse Dryers (SRD).  We focus on making your SAT work longer and serve you better with Repair, Upgrades, Service and Support. Our trained engineers and technicians will design an upgrade and retrofit to meet your needs, with a full range of Batch spray upgrade options.

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MEI beats competition with superior Polymer removal Performance in BEOL Metal Clean Equipment Sale to Major Semiconductor Firm

ALBANY, Ore.—MEI Wet Processing Systems and Services LLC (MEI), has finalized the sale of a BEOL (Back End of the Line) Side Wall Polymer clean system for a Tier 1 device manufacturer in the North Eastern Region of the United States. The MEI Evolution fully automated wet bench will be using the customers proprietary chemical mixture to clean aluminum (Al) interconnects, metal lines and via holes …


Semiconductor Wet Bench

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MEI’s Patented Batch Immersion Metal Lift-Off Process

FluidJet2MEI Wet Processing Systems and Services announced today their receipt of a patent from the US Patent Office for one of their targeted semiconductor processing applications. This patent protects MEI’s unique metal liftoff process which was trademarked earlier under the name FluidJet tm.
The U.S. Patent No. 9,070,631 describes a new approach to providing metal liftoff by defining the specific designs and methods used to produce a gentle, low cost, small footprint system for semiconductor processing.


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MEI’s Compass Spin Rinse Dryer
Nitrogen Use Reduction and Enables Host Communication

MEI, LLC has made a breakthrough in the design of a new spin rinse dryer (SRD) for semiconductor processing that significantly reduces cost of operations by lowering Nitrogen (N2 ) use. The proprietary design of the SRD enables rapid drying of semiconductor wafers with very low particle performance.






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MEI Announces the Genesis Xi

Integrated Marangoni Dryer with HCl and HF injection capability


Marangoni Dryer, Semiconductor


MEI’s Genesis Xi dryer produces superior surface conditioning for semiconductor processing





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MEI’s Advanced TruEtch Metal Etch Solution Achieves Top Results
for Etch Uniformity in Compound Semiconductor Production

Metal Etch, Wet Processing

Proprietary process achieves superior Au, Ag, Cu and, Ti etch performance. delivering exceptional within wafer, wafer to wafer and batch to batch etch uniformity. 


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