MEI PuraTM- Polysilicon Finishing, High Efficiency, Low Cost of Ownership

Remove Organic Contamination of PolySi Chunks, Clean Oxide Growth, Eliminate Metal Contamination of Silicon Chunks


The MEI Evolution PSE polysilicon chunk cleaning system is ideal for removal of organic and metallic contamination found on silicon  chunks after crushing polysilicon rods or silicon ingots in the polysilicon manufacturing process. Cleaning or etching poly chunks requires a high throughput wet etch system with good process control and outstanding drying capabilities to achieve optimal purity. MEI’s automated system for chunk polysilicon cleaning removes silicon-chunk surface contaminants and offers exceptional drying capability. MEI’s solution for Poly Silicon chunk etching, cleaning and drying has significant advantages inherent in the carefully thought out design that considers not only operation, but resource use, safety, maintainability, control and flexibility.

Pura- Poly Silicon Chunk Etching, Cleaning & Drying Made Efficient

High Throughput

  • Polysilicon chunks are loaded into 20kg baskets for rapid (6 min cycle time) processing
  • Provides contamination free chunks at 200 Kg/Hr.
  • Input and output modules for the polysilicon chunk cleaning are expandable for any throughput requirements.
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FlashDryTM Drying-  Patent Pending Drying  Breakthrough

  • Able to dry granular (FBR), fine, chunk and rod sections, as well as tips and tails.
  • Patented Process enables 3 minute dry time using less energy
  • Achieves 100% DRY (no weighable moisture)
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Outstanding Process Control

IDX Automation Software provides superior process control capabilities along with the highest degree of maintenance flexibility compared with a PLC control based system.

  • Touch screen interface, flexible tank parameter and recipe editors and the option of using multiple robots for higher throughput are made possible by using MEI proprietary IDX Automation Software.

Efficient with Low Cost of OwnershipAutomated Polysilicon chunk chip cleaning

  • Reduced water consumption from efficient chemistry removal and chips & fines control
  • recycles DI water through each rinse tank
  • reduced chemical use through efficient chip and chunk contact and removal
  • MEI’s unique exhaust systems reduce exhaust requirements and allow for both top or rear connections.
  • Power consumption and footprint are reduced through efficient drying

Safe and Reliable

Safe decontamination of polysilicon chips or chunks.

  • MEI controls the exothermic reaction of the HNA tanks while keeping throughput high.
  • Fail safe interlocks to prevent operator access
  • Break away end effectors
  • Designed for reliability with our 20 years of production experience

All of MEI’s Wet Benches, Wet Stations and Wet Processing Equipment Are:

  • Flexible and Upgradeable
  • Easy to Use and Well Controlled
  • Tailored
  • Production Ready
  • Designed for Safety
  • Maintenance Friendly
  • Reliable
  • Supported
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