Eliminate Organic and Metal Contamination of Silicon Chunks, and Reclaim Tips, Tails and Chips

MEI polysilicon finishing

Silicon Chunk Processing

The Pura Wet Processing System for Silicon Cleaning and Finishing is ideal for removal of organic and metallic contamination found on Si ingot chunks after crushing polysilicon rods or silicon ingots in the polysilicon manufacturing process. Cleaning or etching poly chunks requires a high throughput wet etch system with good process control, etch uniformity and outstanding drying capabilities to achieve optimal purity.

Clean Granular Polysilicon and FinesPolysilicon chunk cleaning large

Granular Polysilicon (FBR polysilicon) and siliconfines requires special handling to remove dust, powder and surface contamination, and provide high purity material for optimal crucible fills.  Over-etch, thorough cleaning and complete drying without oxidation pose particular challenges.  MEI has developed a solution that provides excellent etch uniformity; thorough, rapid and efficient surface cleaning, combined with a patent-pending breakthrough in cold drying.  Silicon is processed efficiently, with less DI water use, a fraction of the energy use, all in a smaller footprint.

Reclaim Tips, Tails and Chips

Market economics dictate use of all materials, including reclaim of tips, tails, chips and fines.  The variety of processes requires solutions that can efficiently and effectively clean and DRY a wide range of materials.

Electronic, Solar or UMG Grade Polysilicon

Flexible Process Design Supporting a Range of PolySilicon Cleaning Applications:

  • Acid or Alkaline Etching
  • Automated Wafer Cleaning
  • Chunk oxide removal
  • Wafer Saw Damage Etch
  • Polysilicon and solar wafer texturing
  • New process development for wet process steps
  • Polysilicon Filament and Rod preparation