Polysilicon Finishing Systems: Chunks, Ingots, Granular and Fines

Remove Metallic, Organic Contamination of Silicon, Clean Oxide Growthpolysi chunks

Purity of Polysilicon is critical in the PV manufacturing process.  High purity levels of 99.9999999 % (nine nines) are currently required in raw materials for semiconductor manufacturing. In research and production, contamination is an issue. Even for Solar grade Polysilicon, Oxide growths (especially during drying), metal impurities, handling contaminants and saw contamination can impact yields.  Controlling chips and fines in the cleaning process to maintain up-time, and to protect valves and pumps is important.  High performance polysilicon (polySi) finishing and cleaning is critical.

MEI Pura Silicon Finishing Graphic 2


Polysilicon Finishing: Achieving Nine Nines, or even Solar grade purity, isn’t easy.