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MEI Genesis Dryer selected by major automotive IDM for integrated dry to dry processing
September 5, 2017 – Albany Oregon –

Wet Bench, Genesis Dryer


MEI received an order for an Advancer Semi-automatic wet process system. The order comes from an existing customer at a new location in Arizona. MEI’s semi-automated wet processing system was selected in large part due to our superior process performance. This performance is driven by our integrated Genesis Marangoni dryer. The expertise to successfully integrate a Marangoni dryer in a Semi-automated system is not available from suppliers of equivalent systems. By providing our field process data we were able to clearly demonstrate the excellent particle performance capability of the Genesis dryer. This particle performance capability was just the edge required to win this order. Process guarantees are one part of the total solution to providing quality equipment. When this is combined with our sophisticated designs and IDX software capabilities MEI offers clear advantages over lower cost suppliers. The MEI Advancer platforms smaller footprint and Genesis dryer are well suited for critical etch applications. Especially when the user requires particle performance which is usually only offered on fully automated systems.
Offering additional value, MEI’s engineering team provided a Marangoni dryer design which works well with 3, 4, 6 and even 8 inch wafers. This was possible in the Genesis dryer without sacrificing process performance or changing the mechanical/software setup. This type of flexibility makes the Advancer system extremely versatile and user friendly. When all these factors are considered, the MEI Advancer with integrated Genesis dry is a clear winner for users that require tighter process control at a reasonable price.
Our goal is to provide our customers with the best possible value with products that also deliver maximum uptime and reliability. Through a combination of process experience, software sophistication and robust design MEI provides superior wet process systems for a wide variety of applications.


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