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MEI FluidJet Technology selected by Israeli IDM
for Resist Strip and Metal Liftoff

Nov 7th, 2017 – Albany OregonMetal Lift-Off, MLO, Gold Etch

MEI’s patented FluidJet wet processing system was selected due to our highly flexible FluidJet technology. The FluidJet tank is capable of effectively processing many different wafer sizes easily. Many of MEI’s customers are working with the most advanced materials. They are frequently low volume producers of a wide variety of products. This focus on high value, low volume and sophisticated products is their differentiator in the marketplace. The MEI FluidJet system enables these users to process all their products in a simple but tightly controlled process. The Fluidjet system has been used successfully to liftoff blanket as well as taped liftoff layers from many different substrate types and sizes. MEI started building metal liftoff systems in 2008. Our many years of metal liftoff experience have positioned MEI perfectly for these emerging market conditions. Substrates like Quartz, InP, Sapphire, GaN, SiC, GaAs, Ge and Si have all be successfully cleaned with our patented FluidJet technology. The MEI Revolution with integrated FluidJet technology is well suited for a wide variety of critical liftoff applications. In addition MEI’s IDX FlexwareTM software provides complete host software SECS/GEM communication capabilities with a user friendly graphic interface.  MEI’s proven IDX FlexwareTM software provides sophisticated control capabilities required to support the FluidJet system. For integrated solvent dry capabilities the FluidJet is integrated with our patent pending ISODry technology. The ISODry is the only immersion solvent dryer on the market for users that need to match a POR which does not include DI water.

Our goal is to provide our customers with the best possible process control by using state of the art technology to ensure maximum uptime and reliability. Through a combination of process experience, software sophistication and robust design MEI provides superior wet process systems for a wide variety of applications.

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