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Integrated Dryer Brochure  Semiconductor Wet Processing Full-Auto


Integrated IPA Vapor DryerIPA VaporDrying

  • Low Complexity

  • Low IPA Use

  • Efficient & Clean

  • Small Footprint

For 3D Compound Semiconductor and TSV Applications MEI’s IPA
Vapor Dryer displaces water from high aspect ratio features and TSV completely drying complex surfaces

  • Lower IPA usage compared to boiling sump vapor dryers
  • 200ml/cycleSemiconductor, Dryer, IPA
  • Completely dry “High Aspect Ratio” structures and TSV > 750um deep


85% Reduction in IPA Usage vs Boiling Sump Vapor Dryers

  • All EP stainless steel construction
  • Ideal for BEOL applications
  • Particle performance < 20 at 0.12μm
  • Dries wafers with high aspect ratio features or through silicon via’s
  • Ideal for MEMS devices
  • Fastest drying of Teflon cassettesIPA Displacement
  • Lower IPA exhaust discharge than boiling sump vapor dryers
  • Robust and reliable performance
  • Ideal for drying multiple wafer sizes

MEI Dryers are monitored and controlled by IDX Flexware