Revolution Wet Processing System

Revolution Wet Processing System BrochureSemiconductor Wet Processing Full-Auto

 APPLICATIONS: Etch, Strip, Cleaning, and MLO Wet Bench with Minimal Fab Footprint


Rotary, Dry-to-Dry, Multi-Step, Multi-Tank, Small Footprint


MEI’s Revolution is an automated, multi-step, Rotary wet bench system. With IDX Flexware Control, an integrated rotary robot and a custom process tank configuration MEI creates powerful, flexible solutions and equipment that require minimal footprint. SECS/GEM compliant IDX Flexware Process Control software provides outstanding control and flexibility, custom tailored to your process solution. Our new, robust rotary robots can handle carriers up to 300mm wafers through multiple process steps and recipe configurations. Configurability, up-time, yield, maintainability and throughput are the hallmarks of an MEI wet processing system.

NEW!  Dry In Dry out processing with the Genesis Marangoni Dryer

Rotary Wet Bench, Integrated Dryer, Genesis X, Full-Auto, Wet bench

Revolution Wet Bench – Full-Auto with Integrated GenesisX Dryer

The rotary format of the Revolution rotary semiconductor wet bench is the most appropriate format for bay and chase fabs, and it provides a lower cost solution for process sequences of three to five tanks. MEI can link up to three robots in a given rotary platform, with a shell design customized to fit cleanroom space requirements.  The Revolution wet processing system  is well designed for maintenance,  with easy access bays for plumbing in the back.

Advanced Process Control, Improved Performance
and Lower Processing Costs




Available Options:

  • Custom tank and process bath options

    MLO, Metal Lift-Off, Rotary, Wet Bench, Wet Process, Semiconductor

    Metal Lift-Off with FluidJet™

  • Megasonic and Ultrasonic baths
  • Chemical spiking
  • Recirculation filtration
  • Heater/Chiller
  • Integrated dryer options
  • 100mm to 300mm wafer sizes
  • Process cassette customer specified
  • HEPA filtration
  • Automatic bulk chemical system integration
  • SECS/GEM compliant
  • Automatic or manual doors
  • FM4910 (Halar, CPVC, PVDF) or polypropylene or stainless steel.
  • SEMI S2-0703 3rd party evaluation audits
  • FM certified systems
  • UL Listed 508A Panel Shop


All MEI’s platforms

  • Flexible and Upgradeable
  • Easy to Use and Well Controlled
  • Tailored
  • Production Ready
  • Designed for Safety
  • Maintenance Friendly
  • Reliable
  • Supported
  • More about our Features & Benefits and Design Process

Multiple Tank Configurations

  • CMP Clean5 tank Rotary Wet bench
  • Prediffusion Clean
  • Multiple Oxide Etch
  • Solvent  Strip
  • Developer
  • Sulfuric Resist Strip
  • Nitride Etch



IDX Flexware Process Control Software

MEI’s IDX Advanced Process controls provide the necessary stability of process conditions through closed loop monitoring/control using software recording of all key process variables. The result is a system capable of advanced cleaning and process monitoring capabilities required for critical process steps.

IDX Flexware Control Software



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