Advancer Micro Wet Processing System

DATA: Advancer Wet Processing System BrochureSemiconductor Wet Processing Full-Auto

APPLICATIONS: Semiconductor, GaAs, solar cell, IC, Medical and MEMS

Narrow Wet Bench, Semi-Auto Single-step Processing

The Advancer Micro Wet Bench has minimal facility connections which decreases the overall expense in all areas. It offers most of the same features and capabilities of the Advancer Classic Wet Bench, but in an even more compact design. The Advancer Micro is a popular space efficient alternative with an incredible 24″ wide footprint. The Advancer Micro narrow wet bench provides tremendous processing capacity for relatively low cost.
Applications include wet processing for IC devices, medical device, MEMS, LED and III-V Compounds. The Advancer wet bench offers many features to optimize the process chemical requirements such as bulk chemical calls and status, chemical spiking, and “in-tank” blending of chemistries monitored by IDX Flexware. With an extremely small footprint, the MEI Advancer Wet Bench provides wet processing solutions for fabs with limited production space.


  • IDX Flexware Process Control
  • 24″ (60cm) wide footprintNarrow Wet Bench, Wet Processing, Semiconductor, MEMS
  • Single process and Rinse Tanks
  • 2 Axis Front to Back Robot Design
  • Minimal Exhaust Requirements
  • Configurable for Semi S2
  • Single control PC driven I/O system


Applications Include:

  • HF or BOE Etch
  • SC1 Megasonic
  • SC2
  • Resist Strip
  • Texture Etch


IDX Flexware:
Advanced Process Control

MEI’s IDX Flexware Process Control software provides the necessary stability, monitoring all critical process conditions through closed-loop monitoring logging all key process variables throughout the process. The result is a system that is capable of advanced process monitoring and data acquisition and logging capabilities.


IDX Flexware, Wet Processing, Wet Bench

IDX Flexware – Main Operator Screen



All MEI’s Wet Benches are:

  • Controlled by IDX Flexware Process Control software
  • Flexible, configurable, and upgradeable
  • Intuitive graphical interface
  • Custom Tailored to your process needs
  • Production ready
  • Designed for safety
  • Maintenance friendly
  • Reliable
  • Backed-up by MEI’s award-winning support