Batch Immersion Wet Benches & Wet Processing Equipment

Serving the Semiconductor, MEMS, LED, Solar, and Medical industries world-wide

MEI’s wet processing equipment and wet bench systems provide you with an affordable, high-quality solution for almost every batch immersion process.  Field-proven, high quality, reliable systems.  All MEI’s semiconductor equipment is custom tailored to your processes requirements with many available options including  megasonic and ultrasonic tanks and baths, conductivity and resistivity monitoring, multi-axis robots, a variety of materials choices, exhaust flow modeling, ergonomics and safety features.  We specialize in fully-automated wet processing solutions, providing Dry In and Dry Out processes with some of the smallest footprints available in the industry. Innovative technology, superior design, quality craftsmanship, and award-winning technical support sets MEI apart from any other other manufacture in the industry.

MEI’s Wet Processing Systems and Semiconductor Wet Benches
A full line of cleanroom wet bench tools to meet your needs

MEI’s wet processing systems provide you with affordable, high-quality semiconductor and batch immersion process wet benches that perform consistently and reliably. MEI can provide solutions to meet your etching, stripping and cleaning needs. We have extensive experience in multiple-step processing from 100 mm up to 300 mm applications.


Full-Auto, High-throughput for BEoL and FEoL Applications

Wet Bench, Wet Process, Full-Auto


Wet bench, Full-auto, Semiconductor, BeoL, FeoL, Wet Processing

 MEI Wet Processing Systems & Services



Single-step Applications


Immersion Wet Processing, Wafer, Batch Processing, Akrion, Amerimade


MEI Wet Processing Systems & Services


Multiple-step Applications


Wet Bench Semiconductor Wet Processing, Immersion Wet Processing, Wafer, Batch Processing, Akrion, Amerimade


MEI Wet Processing Systems & Services


Immersion Applications


Advanced Process Tank, MLO, Metal Etch, Semiconductor, III-V compound


MEI Wet Processing Systems & Services




 IDX Flexware Process Control Software

Advanced Process Control and MonitoringIDX Flexware, Process Control, Software, Omron, PLC

  • Factory-host Communications
  • Real-time Process Monitoring
  • Data Logging
  • Intuitive Touchscreen Interface
  • Completely Configurable
  • Recipe/User Access Control

All MEI systems include
IDX Flexware Process Control Software

  MEI Wet Processing Systems & Services