Integrated Dryer Brochure  Semiconductor Wet Processing Full-Auto

 Marangoni Dryer, Wafer, wet Bench, Semiconductor

The Genesis X produces superior repeatable results 

  • Field Proven
  • Robust
  • Efficient
  • Clean
  • Cost Effective


Varying Dryer Designs to Match Varying Industry Needs

  • Integrated DI water filtration optionSemiconductor, Wet Processing
  • Recirculating IPA for reduced IPA usage
  • Low cost of ownership




Revolution & Advancer Wet Process Systems 

Marangoni Dryer Integration

Enables Dry In- Dry Out processingmarangoni Dryer 20154

  • Simplified marangoni dryer design
  • Teflon cassettes @ > 200nm w/5mm EE
  • Static wafer lifter
  • Hydrophobic or philic surfaces
  • Particle performance < 20 @ 0.2um
  • Uses Teflon cassettes
  • Ideal for drying thin wafers
  • Typical 7–20 min cycle time
  • Will not damage photoresist


Evolution Wet Bench

Marangoni Dryer IntegrationMEI Marangoni Dryer

Enables Dry In- Dry Out processing

  • Active lifter for independent wafer
  • Low mass carrier drying @ 30nm w/3mm EE
  • Slow pull wafer lifter
  • Wafers dried independent of carrier
  • Phobic or philic surfaces
  • Particle performance < 20 @ 0.065um
  • Uses low mass wafer carrier
  • Optional IPA recirculation & filtration to 15nm
  • Typical 7–10 min cycle time
  • Will not damage photoresist


Injection: O3, HF or HCl Injection for “Critical Clean” ApplicationsMarangoni, Dryer, Wet Processing, Semiconductor

  • Produces oxide free H terminated surface with no air interface
  • HF injection is best used for complete oxide strip applications
  • Combination HF, HCL and DIO3 rinse provides high quality surfaces
  • Cycle times are application dependent


MEI Dryers are monitored and controlled by IDX Flexware

MEI’s IDX Flexware Process Control software provides advanced monitoring and control features that are only found
on MEI platforms. IDX provides the required stability for critical process conditions through closed loop monitoring, data loggingIDX Flexware logo - Color Corrected
all key process variables, conditions and configurations. The result is a uniquely tailored reliable process capable of consistent , repeatable results.