FlashDry™ Cold Dry–  Breakthrough in Silicon Drying –  Pura Wet Processing System for Silicon Finishingsilicon drying challenges

  • Dries Granulars, Fines & Sand Completely

  • Dries Hidden Moisture in Chunks and Rods

  • Patent Pending Cold Dry Technology

  • Energy Efficient

    • 20% Energy Use compared to Conventional Dryers
  • 100% Dry – No Weighable Moisture

    • Independent Lab Verified

Drying: The Greatest Challenge with Granular Polysilicon and Silicon FinesCurrentSiliconDrying









FlashDry Solution


FlashDry Silicon Drying

MEI’s patent-pending FlashDry solves most of the silicon drying challenges, providing room temperature, baggable, 100% DRY product in minutes, with 80% LESS energy use.

  • Prevents silicon re-oxidation
  • Eliminates surface staining
  • Enables the use of low-cost polypropylene carriers
  • Reduces contamination from plastic carriers
  • Silicon is 100% dry / no weighable moisture
  • Enables drying of small form factor silicon
  • Enables etching & cleaning SFF silicon
  • Eliminates moisture carry over into melt process
  • Product at ambient temp for immediate sorting & bagging


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Other drying options include: Vapor Dry and Marangoni Drying

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