MEI Semiconductor wet benches pay attention to ergonomics and safety.  All products are developed, manufactured, and installed in close coordination with industry professionals specializing in ergonomics and safety. Some of our products have become “Fab Standards” at certain semiconductor facilities.  Ergonomic features on our custom wet bench platforms include:

  • Swingarm Mount
  • Wafer Loading Devices
  • Ergonomic Equipment Upgrades

MEI understands the nuances and importance of clean room ergonomics and safety, and we are ready and willing to help you develop your own custom solutions.

Swingarm Interface Mount for Wet Benches and Chemical Delivery Systems

semiconductor equipment wet bench

The MEI swingarm is an ergonomic option for the monitor on all MEI Wet Processing Equipment.

With the swing arm’s ease of use and instant locking mechanism for precise positioning, operating or trouble-shooting a tool has never been easier. It allows the operator or technician to operate the tool from the locations where the work is actually being performed rather than an arbitrarily predetermined position on the tool. This often eliminates the need for a second person to assist in many service situations.

Because the arm has two large, heavy-duty bearings that press together when locked, it eliminates any unwanted movement that may otherwise result from normal use of a touch screen. Its aluminum construction, epoxy powder coated and anodized finish allows for a sleek look that is also easy to clean. More importantly, its low air volume use and low particulate generation makes it a perfect fit for any clean room application.

  • Three rotary axes and one tilt axis
  • Single push button pneumatic locking
  • One handed positioning
  • Rigid and steady “low-bounce” design
  • Aluminum construction
  • Epoxy powder coated and anodized
  • Internal cabling provisions
  • Smooth easy to clean finish
  • Low particulate generation

Ergonomic Equipment Upgrades

Ergonomic Wet Bench Robot

We have worked extensively with tool operators, maintenance technicians and safety/ergonomic engineers to develop what we feel are best-in-class weight transfer devices and solutions.  We provide these solutions with our ergonomic equipment upgrades of Verteq, SCP, Amerimade and a range of other OEM used semiconductor equipment.

  • New loading systems allow operators to move product in and out of the equipment more ergonomically.
  • Ergonomic screens with swing arm positioning and touch screen controls create a more accommodating user interface
  • Large quartz parts handlers and process tank hoists

Wafer Loading Devices