Superior results with our Partnership Design Process

MEI actively engages you in a Partnership Design Process, gathering all the requirements and parameters for success – whether your business needs custom semiconductor equipment, wet process tools, wet benches or chemical delivery systems. We strive to understand not only your specifications, but also your application and we will work to creatively design solutions that meet or exceed your needs.

Account Management: Built on Commitment

Because we are committed to delivering the right solution on time and on budget, MEI approaches design from a project management perspective. We assign a dedicated project manager to each project. They act as the interface between design, engineering, manufacturing and integration. They keep you involved in each step of creating your custom wet process system or chemical delivery system, from design through production, delivery and installation.

Design Approach: Customer Story

Customer Request: A rotary wet process system

Customer Needs: A wet process system with a small footprint in a constrained space. The prospect had a history of robot failures internal to the tool and wanted a new tool with the robot outside the process area away from the chemical vapors. They needed the lowest possible exhaust requirements with less wet station support equipment in chase area, all at a low cost.

MEI Partnership Design Discovery: After extensive engineering discussions and drawings of the constrained site, the size and exhaust constraints made a standard rotary system undesirable, and too expensive for the application.

MEI Partnership Design Solution: Adapted Advancer Gemini Wet Process SystemDual Robot Wet Bench

By listening well, using a tailored platform approach and looking at creative design options, MEI was able to adapt the Advancer Gemini to deliver a unique product that met the customer’s needs in ways competitors could not. MEI’s design was smaller, used less chase space, had a lower exhaust requirement (due to the enclosed design and smaller footprint), and had a lower cost. MEI was able to demonstrate the exhaust efficiency of fume capture by using our exhaust air flow modeling software to ensure the customer we would not be endangering the operators at the lower exhaust levels. By creatively using all of the design tools at our disposal, and aggressively removing unneeded components, while staying true to our product line, MEI was able to offer a superior product at a very competitive cost. The design changes were all completed by using our standardized internal sub assemblies to ensure the final design would be reliable and consistent with MEI’s parts supply and past reliability.

Designed for Precision and Accuracy

Using the latest tools for 3-dimensional modeling, 3-D designs are created for all wet process and chemical delivery systems. An important MEI advantage, the designs show all components positioned in the model, providing a design preview and complete documentation for post installation maintenance, and ensuring consistent performance over many units

3D Air and Fluid Flow Models

3D Solid Works Modeling

Creating 3-D models in the design phase pays off with the highest level of precision and control. Precision results in:

  • Improved usability
  • Increased uptime
  • Boosted throughput
  • Improved yield

In addition, 3-D modeling ensures complete and accurate documentation, which is delivered to the customer, and ensures that the build matches the approved design exactly.

Modeling Air and Fluid Flow

  • Protects operators from dangerous fumes
  • Improves equipment longevity by keeping harmful fumes away from sensitive electronic and mechanical components
  • Creates processes that work optimally the first time
  • Allows R&D to test conflicting processes without cross contamination.