Chemical Delivery Systems Brochure  Semiconductor Wet Processing Full-Auto


Local Carboy Chemical Delivery

Point of Use, Low Cost and Safe


MEI ‘s MultiChem systems provide a low cost alternative to the facility room 55 gallon drum system for wet processing systems. MultiChem systems provide pumped chemical delivery capability for smaller wet bench systems with localized needs, while providing recapture (reclaim) capability via use of 5 gallon chemical carboys.

MultiChem Features:

Efficiency of Carboy Delivery and Reclaim

  • Low cost alternative to 55 gallon drum systems
  • Eliminates costs, waste, inefficiencies and quality control issues of bottle systems
  • Recapture capability when chemical can not be drained to a facility drain
  • Cabinet provides for carboy spill containment
  • No spill quick connects

Multiple Chemicals with Tight Controls

  • Multiple modules can be operated from a single wet station or Cell controller
  • Designed for chemical deliveries and optional waste recapture with two or more 5 gallon carboy bottles
  • Graphical touch screen interface running Microsoft Windows® OS and IDX Flexware Control Software.
  • Utilizes Leither capacitance sensors and load cell scale assemblies for carboy bottle level indication
  • For use with MEI systems or other OEM systems using IDX software


  • MEI will create chemical delivery systems to fit your chemical process needs and production floor design via our partnership design process
  • Optional chemical filtration and recirculation
  • Pump options to fit your existing spares stock
  • Multiple system “kiosk” remote control interface provides E-Stop capabilities as well as status notification
  • Pressurized systems with programmable mixture control

Production Ready

  • Quality, ergonomics and safety are designed into every system
  • Easy to navigate touch screen controls
  • Space efficient; MEI’s space saving cabinets fit easily into tight work spaces
  • Valve manifold boxes are available  from 3-12 sticks to maximize delivery capability
  • Control systems seamlessly integrate with all MEI Wet Process Systems and all other vendors wet processing systems utilizing dry contact ready/request signals

Designed for Safety

  • Conforms to SEMI S2 standard
  • UL Listed 508A Panel Shop
  • Internal spill and leak detection for all chemical handling compartments
    (facilities, pumps and carboys)
  • Local and remote EMO shut down with low voltage circuit
  • Exhaust differential pressure monitoring
  • Cabinet acts as spill containment with minimum 125% capacity
  • Visual alarm light tower with integrated audible alarm
  • Electronics housed in separate N2 purged compartment
  • Choice of materials, FM4910 (Halar, CPVC, PVDF) polypropylene or stainless steel
  • Manual and pneumatic isolation valves for each chemical delivery point are supplied

Maintenance Friendly

  • Easily removable access panels provide front and side access to internal components
  • Easy to access pumps and valves allow for excellent MTTR, improving uptime
  • Casters with leveling feet for ease of installation


  • Field proven designs and safety features
  • Highest quality plumbing components
  • All metal components are either chemical resistance epoxy powder coated or anodized for longevity
  • Nitrogen purged electronics compartments
  • Load cells utilized for carboy level detection provide for a simple robust design


  • MEI provides award winning service, installation and support
  • Installation included
  • Operations manual and complete design documentation provided