Chemical Delivery Systems for Bulk, Carboy and Remote Chemical Distribution

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MEI’s Chemical Delivery Systems and Chemical Distribution Equipment are designed to seamlessly integrate with automated and/or semi-auto wet processing systems either remotely or directly in the cleanroom environment.  MEI’s space efficient bulk chemical delivery systems and point of use chemical blending solutions will reduce waste and lower overall operational costs by reducing labor cost and reducing scrap incidents over manual pour systems. MEI offers a broad range of chemical handling equipment for delivery, distribution, recapture (recovery), and transport of ultra pure cleanroom chemicals to your wet processing systems. We design and manufacture tailored systems for semiconductor, MEMS, Solar and other hi-tech industries. Drum, bottle and carboy systems are available, along with custom valve manifold boxes, carts and other transport solutions. With IDX Automation software all systems are designed to integrate into the unique requirements of your chemical delivery, mixing or recovery system needs.

Why Use Bulk Chem Delivery?

  • Cost Savings

  • Eliminates operator efforts

  • Reduces scrap incidents

  • Reduces chemical delivery charges

  • Reduces water used to rinse chemical bottles

  • Generates less waste

  • Avoids spills and reduces accidents

  • Improves throughput

Chemical Blending and Delivery Systems

DrumChem (55-gallon drum, self-contained)

Chemical Distribution Equipment: A self-contained bulk delivery system featuring modular, drum chemical delivery and recapture with on-demand controls. Multiple DrumChem systems can operate from a single remote kiosk or individually as a standalone system utilizing a dedicated controller. An integral 5-gallon reserve/day tank provides continuous chemical delivery during drum changes.

FlexChem (55-gallon drum or bulk tote)

Flexible, modular, entry-level bulk system used in conjunction with a chemical room. FlexChem features dual output delivery per cabinet. This system can be incrementally expanded as additional chemicals are required at the lowest possible cost.

MultiChem (5-gallon carboy)

5-gallon delivery and recapture system designed for small systems with localized needs. The MultiChem uses 5-gallon carboys, which are more affordable than bottles. It provides recapture capability for chemicals or mixtures that can not be drained into your acid waste system. This chemical delivery system can be controlled directly from the wet station or by using a FlexChem Controller.

MEI Chemical Delivery System Features:

Some of the features that help make MEI’s Wet Process systems and Chemical Blending and Delivery systems perform so well include:

  • Designed to SEMI S2 standards
  • Equipped to handle chemicals, DI water, and solvents
  • High quality semiconductor grade components
  • Pure bond welding
  • CNC cut fabricated boxes
  • Triangle bead welded
  • High purity, chemical resistant door seals, valves and fittings
  • Internal cabling provisions
  • Inset door handles
  • Welded NPT inlet and outlet couplings

Some Common Options:

  • Graphical touch-screen control with IDX Automation Software
  • Choice of electro-polished Stainless Steel or various grades of plastics (including FM-4910 materials)
  • Custom sizes/configurations
  • Multiple outlet branches
  • Pressure and flow gauge meters
  • Optional leak detection
  • Leak testing

 MEI Chemical Blending and Delivery Systems – Total Control

MEI’s chemical systems are controlled via MEI’s IDX Automation Software, using either a large color graphical touch screen interface mounted on the unit via the wet processing system or from MEI’s remote interface mounted on a kiosk for controlling multiple systems in multiple locations. Each display shows a graphical representation of the system, indicating the status of all controlled points (valves, pumps, etc.), as well as alarm and interlock status. MEI Chemical Delivery Systems can be delivered stand-alone or integrated with MEI’s Wet Process Systems to provide the full-service solution.

Our Design Process

MEI’s partnership design process ensures that each chemical delivery or spiking system is built to your process and recipe requirements from a wide array of options. The entire range of chemical handling equipment for delivery, distribution, capture or recovery, and transport is configured to fit the unique properties of each chemical as well as the individual requirements of each customer.