Semiconductor, Solar, MEMs & MicroFabrication Wet Processing and Supporting Equipment

logo9MEI Wet Processing Systems and Services is a diversified manufacturing and service company serving the semiconductor, MEMs, Solar, PolySilicon and high technology industries. The company’s specialties include automated and semi-automated wet process systems and services for the semiconductor and MEMs industries; Solar wafer, polysilicon and ingot cleaning, chemical delivery systems, control automation software; industrial and process equipment moving, rigging and crating services; and clean room safety, ergonomic and support equipment. MEI has built its reputation upon a commitment to outstanding customer service since 1990.

Built on Commitment

MEI provides tailored, quality equipment and services for high technology manufacturers. We’ve been in business
since 1990, serving satisfied customers around the world.
Our custom solutions focus on:

  • A single-minded customer-oriented service philosophy.
  • Process and throughput are vital.
    Quality engineered equipment, matched to your process and fab design needs through a partnership design process.
  • Precision and control drive yield.
    Configurable, flexible, modular designs, modeled in solid works.
  • Usability is key.
    Production ready tools: maintenance access, quality, ergonomics and safety are designed and built right in.
  • Up-time is critical.
    Field-proven reliability. Warrantied products are combined with award winning service, installation and support.

At MEI our reputation is built upon our commitment to outstanding customer service.