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Wet Benches, Motion Control, and Chemical Delivery

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Serving the Semiconductor, MEMS, LED, Solar, and Medical industries world-wide

MEI’s wet processing equipment and wet bench systems provide you with an affordable, high-quality solution for almost every batch immersion process.  Field-proven, high quality, reliable systems.  All MEI’s semiconductor equipment is custom tailored to your processes requirements with many available options including  megasonic and ultrasonic tanks and baths, conductivity and resistivity monitoring, multi-axis robots, a variety of materials choices, exhaust flow modeling, ergonomics and safety features.  We specialize in fully-automated wet processing solutions, providing Dry In and Dry Out processes with some of the smallest footprints available in the industry. Innovative technology, superior design, quality craftsmanship, and award-winning technical support sets MEI apart from any other other manufacture in the industry.


Platforms, Technology, and Solutions


  • Evolution Full-Auto Wet Bench
  • Advancer & Revolution Semi-Auto Wet Bench
  • Compass Spin Rinse Dryer
  • Chemical Delivery

All Immersion Wet BenchesSpray SAT/SST systems , Spin Rinse Dryers, and Chemical Delivery Units  feature IDX Flexware Process Control software.


  • IDX Flexware Process Control Software
  • Advanced Processing Tanks
  • Integrated Drying Systems


  • Metal Lift-Off
    Superior performance with MEI’s patented FluidJet technology
  • Etch, Strip & Clean
    Consistent Uniformity with MEI’s  field-proven TruEtch technology
  • Drying
    The Compass Spin Rinse Dryer provides advanced features like no other SRD


Advancer – Immersion Single-step Processing Wet Bench



Wet Bench, Semiconductor, Wafer, Fab, Process, Solution










Wet Bench, Semiconductor, Wafer, Fab, Process, Solution






Revolution – Immersion Multi-step Processing Wet Bench



Wet Processing, Wet bench, Robot, MicroTech, Wafer,

Wet Processing, Wet bench, Robot, MicroTech, Wafer,





Evolution – Immersion Full-Auto, High-throughput Wet Bench

BEoL and FEoL

 Full-Auto, Dry to Dry, SMIF, Wafer, BEol, FEoL, Wet Bench

Wet bench, Full-Auto, SMIF, Wafer, Semiconductor, MEMS, Solar, Medical, Process, Solution





Spin Rinse Dryers

Benchtop, Single, and Dual

Designed and built by MEI’s Compass Spin Rinse Dryers are top-quality wafer dryers for high and low profile cassettes. The Compass SRD is designed to reduce operating costs while meeting or exceeding all critical areas to include clean, dry and particle performance specifications. This level of advanced process control can only be found on the Compass SRD. With greater reliability, performance, and low operating cost coupled with MEI’s award-winning support, the Compass Spin Rinse Dryer is the solution you can trust.


















 SRD, Semitool, Verteq, Spin Rinse Dryer, Wafer, Rotor, Fab






MEI’s offers complete system refurbishments of Solvent and Acid Spray systems. With MEI’s proprietary IDX Flexware Control Software many new features and capabilities are made avaialble for you to take advantage of. MEI also offers many upgrades to improve your throughput and process control processes. MEI provides award-winning support and Rotor replacement services.


Semitool, SST, SAT, Spray, OEM Group, ClassOne, Ramgraber

Semitool, SST, SAT, Spray, OEM Group, ClassOne, Ramgraber


Chemical Delivery Units

DrumChem, FlexChem, and MultiChem

MEI’s Chemical Delivery Systems and Chemical Distribution Equipment are designed to seamlessly integrate with your automated and/or semi-auto wet processing systems either remotely or directly in the cleanroom environment.  MEI’s space efficient bulk chemical delivery systems and point of use chemical blending solutions will reduce waste and lower overall operational costs by reducing labor cost and reducing scrap incidents over manual pour systems.


Drum, Carboy, Chemical delivery, management, Bulk


Chemical, Textile, Bulk, Drum, Safety, Carboy




IDX Flexware Process Control Software

Advanced Monitoring & Control

Ultimate control of your wet process systems with IDX Flexware Process Control Software. IDX provides the ability control and improve all digital and analog process conditions through closed-loop monitoring & Process-control with access to all control parameters and variables. The result is improved performance, advanced control, and higher reliability.

Full-Auto & Semi-Auto Wet Benches with MEI’s proprietary IDX Flexware Control software

Located in the great northwest, MEI Wet Processing Systems and Services provide advanced wet processing solutions and systems for many hi-tech industries including Semiconductor, Solar, MEMS, LED, Medical, and Chemical Delivery. MEI solutions are for those who have applications that demand reliable, repeatable results. MEI systems provide high-throughput while maintaining a low cost of ownership. MEI’s advanced Full-auto and Semi-auto wet bench systems deliver superior performance and features like no other system. MEI also provides system support for legacy equipment such as: Amerimade, Semitool, Akrion, Submicron, Verteq, and SCP. We provide complete IDX Flexware System Control Upgrades on many older, un-supported OEM systems. You can breath new-life back into your processing equipment.

 Process, Control, Software, Monitoring, System Control, GUI, HMI, Interface


MEI Wet Processing Systems & Services

 With MEI’s  innovative technology, quality design and award-winning service and support

MEI is your wet processing solution!

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