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MEI is your Wet Processing Solution Provider!

Wet Processing and Drying for the Semiconductor, MEMs, and Chemical Delivery Industries  

Metal Liftoff, Advanced Metal Etch, Silicon Etch, InGaP Etch, GaAs Etch, Cleaning, Stripping and many more.


Immersion Wet Benches, Semiconductor, MEMS,

Specialists in Wafer Cleaning, Processing and Drying

MEI Wet Processing Systems and Services LLC of Albany, Oregon, is a wet processing equipment and services company serving the semiconductor, MEMs, solar, and high technology industries.    MEI’s specialties include patented solutions for wet processing applications, including Metal Lift-off, Advanced Etch, Critical Etch, and wafer cleaning solutions.  Exceptional process control is provided through MEI’s proprietary IDX Flexware Process Control Software.  We manufacture custom automated and semi-automated wet benches, wet process systems and automated chemical delivery systems, along with providing award winning service and support. MEI has a commitment to outstanding customer service. MEI Wet Processing has sales offices in the United States, Europe, Asia, China, and the Middle-east.

MEI manufactures semiconductor equipment to include wet benches, wet processing systems, Batch Spray SAT/SST systems and spin rinse dryers.  Our custom VaporDry and Genesis marangoni dryers allow for dry-in dry out Full-Auto processing.  We service, upgrade and support a wide range of custom wet processing systems for wafer cleaning, wafer strip and wafer etching, including our own, and other manufacturers, such as Semitool, Akrion, Submicron, Verteq,  SCP and more.   Product lines include fully automatic wet processing systems and controllers and semi-auto linear and rotary wet processing systems and semiconductor wet benches.

Advanced Process Control with IDX Flexware SoftwareIDX Flexware, Automation Control Software,

Wet Processing, Wet Bench, Semiconductor

Get better control of your wet process systems with IDX Flexware Process Control Software,  and our bottle and drum chemical delivery, mixing, handling and spiking solutions, and other cleanroom equipment.  MEI services include field service, reconditioning wet process equipment and spin rinse/dryers, and wet process system support.

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